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Jonathan Weisz

PhD Candidate at Columbia University. Robotics Enthusiast. Beer snob.

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About Me

I’m a Ph.D. student at the Columbia Robotics Group, focusing on realtime user-in-the-loop realtime grasp planning through brain computer interfaces. Yeah, it’s a bit of a mouth full.

I grew up in NYC, and am a proud alumni of Stuyvesant High School, Johns Hopkins University, University of Southern California, and hopefully soon of Columbia University.

I’ve been working with robots and assistive devices since my undergraduate design team days. I’ve worked with augmented reality projects designed to combat phantom limb pain as part of the Revolutionizing Prosthetics project with Dr. Reza Shadmehr. I helped build an early prototype of the foot controller that was made part of the APL Modular prosthetic foot. At USC, I helped build small devices to measure the motor impairment of individuals with cerebral palsy and osteoarthritis with Dr. Francisco Valero Cuevas.

Here at Columbia, I’ve participated in the two major manipulation challenges of recent years with Dr. Peter Allen. I interned at SSRI, working with their ARM-S project team, and participated in the DARPA DRC competition with the Drexel lead Hubo team. I interned at Willow Garage with Dr. Matei Ciocarlie and the Robots for Humanity team.

I’m pretty good with Matlab, Python, C++, ROS, and other normal roboticist stuff.

I also make a mean nut brown porter.


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