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Some schools provide their PhD student’s with business cards. As far as I know, Columbia does not. They do, however, have their own printing service through a third party that will print them for a fee, which requires you to jump through hoops and overpay by about 3x market rate.

However, you don’t actually need them. The Columbia branding guidelines specify the exact color and font here1. The website will provide you with a jpeg template for a traditional business card, along with the exact specification for the Pantone2 color and font for the Columbia logo, which is Pantone 294 and happens to also be the color of the Dodger’s logo. They are a baseball team of some noteriety, and so the color itself has a fan club3. This leads me to an important realization:

  1. You can spend a lot of time searching the web for information on Pantone colors, without getting anywhere useful.
  2. Graphic design is way more involved than it appears to be on the surface.

Unfortunately, a static jpeg template is not incredibly useful to a layperson, and as best as I can tell, the actual personal information on the card itself is neither in that color, nor does it use that font. However, thanks to the unbridled enthusiasm of Kaitlin Bensley and her unreasonable love of all things font-ly, I am able to report definitively that the font is Garamond, and thus provide a reasonable template for any future students who might wish to print their own business cards here. It’s in PDF format, but it should be possible to import it into Photoshop or other design programs and modify the text elements directly. YMMV.